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wgallin at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca (Warren Gallin) wrote:
 > 2) If you have a solution of anything that is cloudy after having been
> at R.T., one good possibility is that something grew in it.  Mind you,
> anything that grows in EtBr is one weird organism.  Anyway, that would
> explain the precipitation and probably the problem with your RNA; the
> creature produced RNase that chewed your RNA.  This is a speculation, and is
> not based on experience or authority.
 > Warren Gallin,
> Department of Zoology, University of Alberta
> wgallin at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
Thanks.  It was not a cloudy kind of opacity.  I was reluctant to
sniff EtBr, although the thought did cross my mind.  It was
simply very, very dark, kind of a black-red, and in a 15ml
conical tube, this was surprising.  I had assumed that the
precipitate I witnessed in the wells was the RNA complexed
with EtBr, but like you, I have no evidence to back up this
notion.  Again, thanks for the input.
Sorry for the double post, too---don't know how that happened.
sticknbd at miranda.cc.vanderbilt.edu

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