Glowing Blue DNA Gels

Eric R. Hugo e_hugo at
Thu Apr 21 05:18:39 EST 1994

Dear Bionetters,
    I tend to feel that the glowing blue fluorescence that is sometimes seen 
is more likely an artifact of contamination rather than too much EB.  
Personally, I think it might be due to all of the fluorescent brighteners used 
in everything from laundry detergent to toothpaste.  I've noticed that if I 
reposition a gel without a glove on (I know--Bad scientist <whap whap on the 
wrist>;-) ) I often see blue glowing fingerprints on the edge of the gel.  I 
suspect that this is due to brightener contamination being transferred from my 
clothes.  Personally, I could do without all the additives but I guess I'm not 
quite ready to start doing my laundry by beating my clothes on a rock.

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