Oligo design

Stephen R. Lasky Stephen_Lasky at brown.edu
Thu Apr 21 07:42:50 EST 1994

In article <2p0q3u$n5d at usenet.INS.CWRU.Edu>, dn571 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
(Paul Stanton) wrote:

> If anyone has knowledge of shareware that will assist in oligo
> design please send me a return message to senglab at ccsmtp.ccf.org
> Characteristics I'm looking for are those contained in the 
> National Biosciences program, such as Tm, hairpin formation,
> etc. Thanks in advance.
> Paul Stanton

IBI's MacVector has a nice oligoprogram.  Its not shareware, but someone at
CaseWestern must have a copy of it that you can use (it has hardware and
software protection so you will have to use it on their computer).  I think
that the primer designer part of the program was incorporated after version
4.  I used a beta version of it to design a LOT of oligos while I was at
NIH and all of them worked, which is much better than what happened when I
tried to design them myself.

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> This message comes to from the baddest gel runningest, fastest
> PCR makingest, strongest DNA breakingest homeboy in the west!
> (And he's a snappy dresser too!)

All of the above may be true, but Cleveland is hardly in the WEST.


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