TBE buffer precipitation

Jim Owens jow at helix.nih.gov
Thu Apr 21 07:35:39 EST 1994

In article <01HBE8BNHEKI9BZS8P at delphi.com> , RMARTINQFD at BIOTECHNET.COM
>we frequently get precipitation forming.  Does anyone know the cause of
>problem?  How can you make up 10XTBE stock solutions that do not

My guess is Tris carbonate is not very soluble in water.  Where does the
Tris carbonate come from?  The CO2 in air.

If I am correct, it is impossible to make 10X TBE that will not
precipitate sooner or later.  When I make it, I filter it through a
0.45um millipore filter.  This removes a slight haziness from the
solution and seems to retard formation of the precipitate when stored in
a bottle cleaned of any precipitate from the last batch of 10X TBE.

My 2!, for what it's worth,

Jim Owens

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