Phage prep DNA yield question

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Thu Apr 21 15:16:14 EST 1994

In article <94110.170534RROXBY at MAINE.MAINE.EDU>, Robert Roxby

> I'd like to know what kinds of yields people get from lambda phage
> preps.  The theoretical maximum from a liter having a titer of
> 2x10e10 is a mg.  (Never mind that it is hard to get over 1x10e10).
> I have pretty good luck concentrating the phage with PEG, getting
> almost quantitative recovery.  However, after step and
> equilibrium CsCl gradients and formamide extraction of the DNA, I
> end up with about 20% of the theoretical amount, 400 ng/liter.
> People who have purified enzymes will not quibble over a 20% yield
> to purity, but there must be a better way.  You can buy 10 mg of
> lambda DNA for $60.  I'm not sure this would cover the price of
> 25 liters of medium.

Qiagen makes a good kit which will give you high yeilds of lambda phage (no
shearing) which may give you the yeilds you want. I have tried it and it
works well.

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