Problems with SDS-PAGE

Fri Apr 22 08:37:38 EST 1994

Also, check the age and quality of your TEMED.  If I had problems with
polymerization around the sample wells, about 90% of the time it turned
out to be old or bad TEMED.

> Paolo, I think that your problem with the poor shape of the sample wells in
> your gels is due to incomplete polymerization of the polyacrylamide at the
> top of your gel.  This is due to oxygen inhibiting polymerization where the
> comb/top of the gel is exposed to air.  Not knowing what kind of apparatus
> you are using, it is difficult to recommend an exact fix, but you need to
> exclude oxygen (as much as possible) from the gel until it is polymerized.
> I do this by placing my casting stand into the empty buffer chamber, putting
> the top on, and flushing out the air by a stream of nitrogen.  Good luck.
> John

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