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Sat Apr 23 21:34:39 EST 1994

Philip OBrien (obrien at CSUVAX1.MURDOCH.EDU.AU) wrote:
: I received a sample of a plasmid in the form of a drop of DNA on 
: nitrocellulose.  I want to transform this into a bacterial strain.  What 
: is the best way to desorb the plasmid DNA from the nitrocellulose so that 
: it can be transformed?

: P. O'Brien
: Perth Western Australia
: obrien at

Dear philip,
I had always thought that the binding of DNA to Nitrocell.filters was
irreversible. However as you know with time nitrocellulose loses its form and
DNA is lost. I wonder if a long term incubation with TE would trap the
DNA. This is just a suggestion. You may wanna try this with an
experimental plasmid just to check and see.
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