Qiagen Oligotex mRNA kits?

lsalati at wvnvms.wvnet.edu lsalati at wvnvms.wvnet.edu
Fri Apr 22 14:52:04 EST 1994

Dear Readers,
Has anyone tried the Qiagen Oligotex mRNA purification kits?
(specifically the kits using total RNA as starting material)
Have you compared it to other kits such as the Promega
PolyATtract kit?
Currently, we are unsatisfied with our yields from oligo-dT
columns and these kits promise a high percentage of mRNA
recovery from total RNA.
If you do use these kits what are your yields, largest mRNA
you can detect, purity from ribosomal RNA and reproducibility
I have already searched the bionet archives and I cannot find
messages from people who have used the Qiagen kits.
Tina Charron

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