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>Dear Netter,
>I happened to come across all the postings regarding the
>Magic/Wizard/Merlin controversy. I also obliged to the jamess at bcm for the
>contributions made to the original Merlin post I had made in Dec'93. 
>The protocol for the actual formulation of the Merlin resin was actually done
>in the last 2-3 wks of my postdoc at Harvard Medical Schoolin Sept.'93.
>I posted the protocol on Bionet in Nov.'93. I was rather amused to note
>the recent submission of a manuscript on the process DNA purification by
>binding to Diatomaceous earth by an Oklahoma group in 1994 after I had
>publically released the protocol on the Internet in Nov.'93 and after the
>process itself has been public domain knowledge since 1991.
 << remainder deleted >>

I'm glad you were "rather amused".  Just to set the record straight, we
had no knowledge of the "Merlin" prep. until it's posting back in Nov. 93
and before then had developed a protocol, which was a combination of various
steps from BioRad's Prep-a-Gene manual with the centrifugation-based method
described by Carter and Melton in NAR.  Sorry that I was unaware of the
"public domain knowledge since 1991" but if you want credit for something
then my advise is to publish it before someone else does.  The protocol I
posted, which in many ways is similar to yours, has been used successfully
not only for plasmid preps., but also for larger cosmid and P1 clone preps.
For these large insert containing vectors, the key point is to use a
centrifugation-based method as filtering shears the DNA, something you
neglected to mention in your posting.  With the details of both techniques
now in the "public domain", folks can compare approaches and use that which
fits their situation best.

Thanks for re-posting your protocol and may all the DNA we isolate be of a
purity necessary for the science we are about.

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