Wanted: lambda EMBL3/EMBL4 sequences

Martin Kennedy mkennedy at chmeds.ac.nz
Mon Apr 25 20:06:21 EST 1994

In article <1994Apr22.132541.1 at mpimg-berlin-dahlem.mpg.de>, knoblauch at mpimg-berlin-dahlem.mpg.de writes:
> I wonder, whether any of you has ever obtained/assembled/got from wherever
> the DNA-Sequence of the cloning Vector lambda EMBL3 or lambda EMBL4.
> I'd like to check some RE-sites on it that are not listed in the Maniatis,
> but I've benn unable to lokate the sequence anywhere in a Database. So,
> if you've once run into the same prob and solved it somehow, please drop me 
> an e-mail with the sequence or a site where to find it.
> 			Klaus

Hi Klaus,

This may be irrelevant, but there are some extra bases in the lambda 
EMBL 3 polylinker which add in an unmapped PstI site; see NAR 16, p1633 (Rogers
et al., 1988).



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