Strange agarose gel ethidium bromide staining fading

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> Hello Netters,
> I am encountered an extraordinary strange phenomenon agarose gel ethidium
> bromide staining fading.
> Does anyone have this sort of experience? Could you kindly give me some
> advice? Or any comments will be very appreciated!
> Thank you very much for your time.
> Bixing Huang
> huangbx at 

An article that may be relevant is:
"Comparison of Various Ultraviolet Sources for Fluorescent Detection of
Ethidium Bromide-DNA Complexes in Polyacrylamide Gels"
C.F. Brunk and L. Simpson
Analytical Biochemistry 82:455-462 (1977)

They surveyed 254, 300, and 366 nm light sources, and looked at
photodamage, photonicking, photodimerization, and photobleaching. They also
evaluated the amount of fluorescence generated by the different
wavelengths. 254 nm "produced a great deal of photodamage,..., and

Have you changed light sources recently?

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