Glasswool for DNA purification-how nasty is it?

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> 	From what I know,  glasswool is much worse than asbestos
> in being nasty to your lungs.  Before anyone ventures out using glasswool
> for routine purifications, may be you ought to find out how nasty is 
> this really is.  I do know that not everyone is going to handle glasswool
> inside a hood, specially when you have a large number of samples to process and
> with extensive handling.  Please expand or contradict, because my knowledge is
> limited in this.  
> 	Raj Shankarappa
> 	bsh at

I haven't seen any data on how nasty glass wool is for your lungs, but
given the fact that much insolation is fiberglass and fiberglass has been
used in fabrication for many years, I would expect there to be a lot of
studies out there on just how bad it is.

Another point, from what I understand, you have to create fine particles of
asbestos or glass wool in order for them to enter into your lungs.  I'm not
sure how the glass wool is being used in the original message, but the
glass wool that I have used was in a form that would not be easily
converted into fine particles and aerosols.

Working with glass wool  can get itchy though.

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