Protein Kinase Suppliers?

T. S. Pillay tpillay at
Tue Apr 26 23:40:34 EST 1994

Subject: Protein Kinase Suppliers?
From: Leonard N. Bloksberg, bloksber at
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994  18:07 EDT
In article <19940418180738.bloksber at> Leonard N.
Bloksberg, bloksber at writes:
>I have a question about protein kinases and phosphatases.   I am trying
>characterize a putative trans acting regulatory protein.  Does anyone
>of a commercial source of a wide variety of protein kinases and
>or better yet, a kit with small amounts of a large number of such
>I will post a summary if I get any responses.  Thanks.

Try  UBI (Upstate Biotech) (no connection -just a customer)

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