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Rick Wilson rick at TAQ.WUSTL.EDU
Tue Apr 26 06:39:58 EST 1994

mjones at (Dr. M.D. Jones) writes:

>I do a fair amount of cycle sequencing for an ABI 373A instrument
>and I am getting tired of using oil to cover the 96-well microtitre
>plate for DYE-Primer reactions.  The use of the strip tubes (PEC or
>Robbins) becomes expensive.

Since contamination is not such an issue with cycle sequencing, try rinsing
and re-using your PEC or Robbins tubes.  When they're in the 96-tube tray,
this is easy to do.  If you're extra-paranoid, put them on a UV box for a
minute or two.  Rather than oil or caps, try a sheet of thin latex rubber
(e.g. dental dam).  These can also be re-used several times.  You can buy
a big roll of this stuff from any of the usual laboratory supply houses
(VWR, Baxter,etc.).  A tip for getting a good seal on a PE tray is to sand
the edges of the tray so that the rims of the tubes are the highest point.
We've used the same method for sealing Robbins tubes in the MJR cycler.

Good luck!


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