Anybody interested in this idea?

Kieron Des kierondes at
Wed Apr 27 15:55:04 EST 1994

Hello netters:

I'd like to ask if there is anybody that has the need to collect small volume
filtrate from 96 individual samples simultaneously in a 96-place filtration

Method 1.
Many of you may be aware of the ability to prepare protein and nucleic acid
dot-blots using the S&S Minifold I vacuum filtration manifold. We have devised
a way to collect the filtrate from each individual sample well below the
membrane in the Minifold I. The filtrate is collected in individual 1.2mL tubes
in the standard 1-12/A-H 96-place format. These tubes can be capped in strips
of 8 or all at once for storage. Alternately you could collect up to 2 ml of
filtrate in another 96-tube storage system.

Method 2.
An analogous method is the use of membrane-bottomed 96-well disposable plates.
Would you want to collect up to 2 ml of filtrate below one of these
membrane-bottomed microtiter plates, if you could?

So one question is...
  Would you do it?
(ie.Collect up to 96 small filtrates, up to 2mL at the same time?)

Another question is...
  Why? For which application would you see this filtrate collection
  being necessary? (or convenient,or enabling, etc.)

We think it's a neat idea. We want to know if any of you think so too. It may
be useful for multiple small volume sample cleanup, as well as other
applications, but we'd rather hear from potential users in the lab. If it's
something you've "just gotta have" but so far haven't been able to get, we can
keep you informed of the progress of this development and possibly even get
involved in the evaluation of the prototypes.

Please e-mail your thoughts, comments, suggestions or whatever to me at
kierondes at aTdHvAaNnKcSe for your input.


Kieron (Desmond) Walsh

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