Glowing Blue DNA Gels

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Wed Apr 27 09:18:30 EST 1994

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Anthony Skraly) wrote:

> What the . . . ?
> The last 2 times I ran agarose gels (TAE buffer, stained in dilute ethidium
> bromide/water), I put them on the UV box and they glowed 
> This made it very difficult to see the orange EtBr/DNA bands. 
Can you say autofluorescence? Try pouring a gel without EtBr and it will
also glow bright blue, I bet. We have seen this twice, once while trying to
run a 5% gel (the consistency of a superball) and another time with some
el-cheapo agarose at 1%. I can't recall the brand, name... Gell-O maybe?
Anyway, the odds are good that it results from a contaminant of the agarose
that is not significant at *normal* concentrations of your routinely good

BTW, you might try viewing with long wave instead of short, or vice-versa.
I recall that long wave showed the effect less, though I might have this
Dennis J. Templeton
CWRU School of Medicine

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