Problems with SDS-Page

Manuel Simon ma at
Wed Apr 27 15:29:15 EST 1994

In article <2p5elq$ook at> botanica at writes:
>From: botanica at
>Subject: Problems with SDS-Page
>Date: 21 Apr 1994 08:48:58 GMT

>Hi netters,
>I have problems with SDS-Page gels: the wells in the stacking gel (4%)
>are often not well shaped, so I have to load a less quantity of sample.
>I have tried to use new stock solutions, deareated and not deareated
>acrylamide, but I always have problems.
>Does anybody have any suggestion?
>Thanks in advance
>                      Paolo Cervini
>Istituto di Genetica
>UCSC - Piacenza

I had the same problem: the solution has been that there was something on the 
comb reducing the polymerization. Try to clean the comb first with soap, than 
rinse and wash once with ethanol. In my case this was perfect

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