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Wed Apr 27 08:04:54 EST 1994

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  jpalek at (HYNEK WICHTERLE) writes:
> Hi Netters,
> I need one of two Restriction Endonucleases
>       Bsi I - recognizes   C T/A C G A/T G 
>       Rle AI -     "       C C C A C A
> and I really can't find any commercial source (NEB, USB, Promega don't sell it)
>   Does anybody know where else can I look for these enzymes?
> It would  be very helpful for me, to get at leaste one of them. 
> thank you
>  Hynek Wichterle 
>  jpalek at

Both enzymes are Russian and are not commercially available (if at all) outside
that country.

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