Culture contaminations WAS: Dwindling Plasmid yield *HELP*

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Wed Apr 27 08:06:16 EST 1994

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> Try Baking bread when you are involved in tissue culture - No go!
> I've heard that brewing beer isn't such a good idea either
> Oh well...
> Allison
> (desperately tring to finish lab work so she can eat some more sour dough)

Dear Allsion

I do brew beer!

I was the only one in the lab that was getting the yeast infections at the
time (needs rephrasing) in my primary cultures. Someone even came up with
the idea that

1. As my beer had recently exploded (brewed via the carpet method) that
yeasties got all over my baseball hat.

2. I tend to culture while wearing my hat...

3. Yeasties fly off the hat and into my cultures (up wind in the open

4. I get infections...


(p.s. just started up a batch of cherry brandy boots-home-brew kit (uk)) so
will see if my cultures get infected this week.


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