Sequences needed

Michael Poidinger mike at
Wed Apr 27 16:28:18 EST 1994

>Hi, I am trying to get some sequences for a work mate.  We have tried
>GenEMBL but we can't seem to find what we want.
>  I am after the cDNA for the PML gene, and the cDNA for RAR alpha.  If
>anyone has acession numbers for these or fusions of these two genes please
>email me.  Once I have the numbers I can retreive them, its finding
>acession numbers thats holding us up.  
>Thanks x10E6

(I emailed this but I dont trust my mailer...)

gopher, then to Wide Area Info Servers then Biology then 
search Genbank for PML and about 2 dozen entries come up. You might like to 
start with accession numbers X63630-X63647 inclusive.


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