Culture contaminations WAS: Dwindling Plasmid yield *HELP*

Allison Hanly a.hanly at
Wed Apr 27 02:14:58 EST 1994

On 26 Apr 1994 13:56:56 GMT, 
Martin Leach  <leach at> wrote:

>BTW i found i got yeast infections in my primary cultures after changing
>culture media (following a game of bolo) - Now i cant play bolo and do
>cultures at the same time - i put it down to the sweating etc..... and
>tension that causes the yeasty things to get excited.
>I wonder if Science would accept such a publication???
Try Baking bread when you are involved in tissue culture - No go!
I've heard that brewing beer isn't such a good idea either
Oh well...

(desperately tring to finish lab work so she can eat some more sour dough)

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