pET-26b pelB Leader?

Patrick G. Durham pdurham_pt4 at
Wed Apr 27 23:30:00 EST 1994

Hi there, 
I have the pET-26b vector from Novagen and I was wondering the
advantages/disadvantages of the leader sequence pelB that is put in after the
RBS.  According to Novagen, "the pelB leaders are designed to direct the target
protein to the periplasm, which may promote proper folding and protect against
proteolytic breakdown."  I'm not specifically looking for this kind of action
but maybe it is generally beneficial for most proteins.  
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I am mainly interested in the T7 repression this vector offers via the lac 
operator, and I'm wondering if I need to cut out the pelB leader or just not
worry about it.

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.  Please respond by email or post in
this group, which ever is most convenient.                      

Pat Durham
pdurham_pt4 at

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