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Wed Apr 27 22:03:07 EST 1994

Dear netters,

i feel so demanding lately.

Ok, would love any of the following info.

1. Good refs for run-off assays (promoter construct u add nuclear extract
to and make transcripts).
2. Names/phone no.s of anyone in the boston area that routinely perform

3. Any good run-off kits out there (pros/cons etc...)

4. Any reviews on the pros/cons of run-offs vs. run-on assays.

5. Preparation of nuclear extracts for run-off assays.

6. ANything else (preferably someone that will perform them for free!!)

I think u can tell by now i am very interested in run-off assays. Any and
all info will be warmly received.

I would prefer email responses (although i encourage responses to be posted
for the masses also).




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