Sequencing gels

L. Sumoy Sumoy at
Thu Apr 28 18:14:16 EST 1994

Leaking can be prevented by 1) clamping the comb and pouring exatra
liquid polyacrylamide mix when casting the gel, 2) not taking the comb
out until the polymerized gel is mounted and fastened to the apparatus,
3) making sure it is the right comb (see previous messages), 4) not
introducing the teeth into the gel (plain contact should be sufficient,
as long as the surface of the gel is completely straight and bubble
free; sometimes it will curve or deform if the gel was casted unclamped
resulting in a gel thicker than the actual thickness of the side
spacers). In case of leak after all, I clamp the sides of the wells
that need to be loaded (let's say, 4 lanes for four termination
reactions at a time, and start their run before loading the next set of
four lanes).

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