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Chanpen Wiwat - PYMI pycww at MUCC.MAHIDOL.AC.TH
Thu Apr 28 19:42:19 EST 1994

On 21 Apr 1994, Shahram Mori wrote:

> Dear netters,
> We have 11 ug of a protein isolated from polyacrylamide gel
> electrophoresis. We are interested in isolating the protein from the gel
> and making antibodies to it. We would very much appreciate if you had any
> input and specially references that would allow us to isolate the protein
> effieciently in order to use for antibody production.
> Thanks a milion for your help.
> cheers.
> Shahram Mori
> Program in Molecular Biology
> Dept. of Chemistry Box 3C
> NMSU   Las Cruces NM
> 88003
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Dear Mori,
	You have only small amount of protein for antibody preparation. 
According to my experience, protein can be elute very well by using 
protein electro-eluter apparatus (Bio-Rad). Otherwise, I used to cut 
several slices of protein from SDS-PAGE, crush and grind to be very 
small piece, you may use hand homoginizer, and use it as antigen. I 
got high titer of polyclonal antibody by using this method.

Good luck,
Chanpen Wiwat     > > > 

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