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>>>Does anyone know of any software that can help to reconstruct the various 
>>>restriction sites on a length of DNA after one has restriction digested 
>>>it with several enzymes and analysed it on a gel?
>>Gene Construction Kit allows you to do this. It also gives a diagramatic 
>>representation of what a gel will look like when the digest is run. It does 
>>complete and partial digestions. Unfortunately the software isn't public 
>You have DoubleDigester from the EMBL server, for macintosh and unix machines.
>Manuel G.

Better yet, if you have a mac, get DNAid from the "Apple higher education
server" (gopher), in "Macintosh freeware and shareware", misc, molbio (i
think). This does what you ask, is free, comes with a big manual, can do
custom restriction and rudimentary sequence alignment...better yet, it's FREE.

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