oligo synthesizer&thermocycler

Shiao Y. Wang sywang at whale.st.usm.edu
Thu Apr 28 22:48:44 EST 1994

jurgenson at cobra.uni.edu wrote:
: I am soliciting advice on two items of instrumentation.  1. an oligonucleotide
: synthesizer.  2. thermal cycler.  I am planning to develop an approach to
: teaching molecular biology using pcr as a primary tool for study of molecular
: biolog.  If you can give me information on specs and ease of opperation as well
: as approximate price I would appreciate the information.  I will post a summary
: for those who are interested.

My basic advice about a synthesizer is not to buy one. At $2.50 a base, it
just doesn't pay to have your own synthesizer unless you are making lots
of oligos on a regular basis. We have a Milligen Cyclone and without
regular use the yields became unpredictable. I now pay an outside company
to make all of my oligos. No hassles, quick and reasonable cost.
I use a Ericomp cycler. Very reliable. 3 yr warranty. Simple to use, not a
lot of options. Good basic PCR machine.

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