ampliwax alternatives

Fri Apr 29 14:31:12 EST 1994

hello, a pe rep just gave me some ampliwax and i like it. now, about those
paraffin alternatives...what other brands of wax are people using? it seems
that a while back, some people here were expressing certain preferences
for using paraffin overlays in their pcrs. one ref suggests a baxter embedding
resin, which is only sold by the case for $68. this is a *lot* cheaper than
ampliwax, but still a big investment since i only want to try it out at first.
a quick flip through SIGMA shows that they sell a high quality paraplast for
$8/kg. has anybody used this stuff with success? also, anybody used paraffin
to overlay ABI dye-deoxy cycle sequencing reactions? i would really like to
use wax for these since i have had problems with oil in the past. FINALLY, some
embedding resins seem to have things like DMSO in them, which will obviously
affect thermal cycling chemistries, so does anybody have some suggestions?
brett at

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