Problems with SDS-Page

Fri Apr 29 06:33:00 EST 1994

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>>Subject: Problems with SDS-Page
>>Date: 21 Apr 1994 08:48:58 GMT
>>Hi netters,
>>I have problems with SDS-Page gels: the wells in the stacking gel (4%)
>>are often not well shaped, so I have to load a less quantity of sample.
>>I have tried to use new stock solutions, deareated and not deareated
>>acrylamide, but I always have problems.
>>Does anybody have any suggestion?
>>Thanks in advance
>>                      Paolo Cervini
>>Istituto di Genetica
>>UCSC - Piacenza
>I had the same problem: the solution has been that there was something on the
>comb reducing the polymerization. Try to clean the comb first with soap, than
>rinse and wash once with ethanol. In my case this was perfect
I have the following suggestion: Make sure your bis concentration is
right. Also let the stacking gel polymerize for atleast an hour.

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