Electropor./conjug. in Pediococcus

Giacomini Alessio alessio at civ.bio.unipd.it
Fri Apr 29 04:06:19 EST 1994

In our lab we are working on a strain of Pediococcus pentosaceus, a
Gram + lactic acid bacterium. We need to transfer a broad host range
vector into it. So far we have tried both electroporation and conjugation
(from E.coli S17-1) but without result. I know from published work that
that these bacteria seem to be somewhat recalcitrant to these procedures,
and transfer frequencies are always very low (in not equal to zero, as
in my case!). Does anyone know a good protocol or can give an advice to
overcome this problem?
Thank you VERY much

Alessio Giacomini
CRIBI Biotechnology Centre
Univ. Padova - ITALY
E-mail: alessio at cribi1.bio.unipd.it

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