Gel Purification of DNA with Qiaex beads

Clemens Peterbauer clemens at
Mon Aug 1 12:00:56 EST 1994

In article <31bp7j$3t0 at>, czeryln at (Christie Doris Zerylnick) says:
>We have used QIAEX beads also, and have found they don't give great 
>yield.  Then, when I tried to transform some DH5a cells with a 
>QIAEX-purified fragment (on several different occasions), all the cells 
>croaked.  So it might not be the best thing to use for transgenics.  We 
>use DEAE paper and find it works quite well up to 3 or 4 kb--the recipe 
>is in CPMB or was in BioTechniques.  Good luck!    Chris Zerylnick
I dunno. I used QIAEX beads a couple of times and never had problems.
In fact, our whole lab uses them, and we switched from using DEAE
paper (I got better yield with QIAEX and a lot faster) - no complains, 
ligations, trafos OK. I don`t know about injection in mice, though.

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