help with in-situ hyb.

zamir at zamir at
Tue Aug 2 11:26:10 EST 1994

I am trying to do an in-situ hybridization on tissue from tomato leaf, using
silver enhancement.  I get a good specific signal of virus in specific cells,
but I also get a strong non-specific signal in certain cells , (it gives a
strong signal in the non infected controls as well.  Being that there is not
scattered non-specific signal I would assume that these cells do not contain
proteins which the blocking solution would block.  Has anyone come up with a
similar problem in other plants or in tomato? and does anyone have some
suggestions as to how to overcome this problem?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
P.S. these cells seem to attract flourescently labeled nucleotides as well
Thanks in advance for your time

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