Non EtBr DNA stain(s)

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Robert Horton (horton at wrote:
: Richard Near (rocket1 at wrote:
: : I am interested in DNA staining in gels *not* using ethidium\
: : bromide.  I would be most interested in stains that are
: : colorometric.  My motivation is that I would like to scan
There was a thread several weeks ago...
I'll give you a copy:

In article <01H9UED2XZKI009ZC9 at Post-Office.UH.EDU>, pedemonte at JETSON.UH.EDU (carlos h. pedemonte) says:
>Has anybody used the SYBR GREEN I nucleic acid gel stain (S-7567) from
>Molecular Probe? The company claims that this dye is 10 times more
>sensitive than Ethidium bromide. The company does not send samples and the
>price is high. Therefore, I would like to have some information before I
>invest the money. I would appreciate any comment.
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>l have tested out the SYBR Green I from Molecular probes. I have found that the dye can
be form 100 to 1000 times stronger (in a 254 nm transilluminator) than Ethidium Bromide on DNA probes or PCR products
from 40 to 200 basepairs. On larger DNA the SYBR Green I stain from 20 to 100 time stronger than
Ethidium Bromide. We have found that there is close to no background when using this dye. 
I have also more informasjon. My telephone is in Norway 47 22 93 41 94, Fax
47 22 73 01 64.

I don't have any more information, sorry - Sebastian

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