Biologist's Internet Resource Guide

Emma Macfarlane emma at HERA.MED.UTORONTO.CA
Tue Aug 2 15:04:20 EST 1994

Hi Susie
I have a copy of 'A Biologist's Guide to Internet Resources' by Una Smith
which I assume is what you are after. The instructions in it on how to 
get the latest version are: 

"In Usenet, look in or sci.answers

Gopher to and choose this sequence of menu items
Sunsite Archives
Ecology and Evolution

Or from any gopher offering other biology gophers by topic, look for the 
menu item "Ecology and Evolution [at UNC and Yale]".  The guide is stored 
in two ways: as a file for easy retrieval and as a menu for browsing.

FTP to Give the user name "anonymous" and your e-mail address
as the password. Use the "cd" command to go to the directory
and use "prompt" and "mget*" to copy all 6 parts of the guide to your
computer. For info about how to get many other useful

documents from this archive send the message "help".

You can also use anonymous FTP to where this guide is 
stored as   pub/academic/biology/ecology+evolution/FAQ

Send e-mail to mail-server at with the text
send usenet/news.answers/biology/guide/*
You will receive 6 files in response one for ecah part, save each part
separately, delete e-mail headers and footers and merge them."

Hope this is some help.


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