Need RNA Isolation Protocol

Jacqueline J Janka jank0009 at
Tue Aug 2 17:15:14 EST 1994

I'm sorry if I'm posting this request to an inappropriate group, but I'm
having trouble locating a protocol and would appreciate assistance if
anyone is familiar with it.

My co-worker has just begun to isolate RNA from daphnia in order to
quantify the total RNA in the organism.  He has tried the standard
guanidine thiocyanate procedure but has only achieved a very small yield. 
An article we found refers to another procedure, the Schmidt-Thannhauser
procedure; however we've been unable to locate this specific protocol.

Any assistance in locating this protocol, which uses NaOH and PCA, would be
greatly appreciated.  I have never worked with RNA
myself and therefore am of little use to my new co-worker!  Please help if
you can!
Thanks in advance.
You may e-mail me privately if you wish.

                                     Jacqueline Janka
                                     jank0009 at

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