Kan vs Amp for eukaryotic vectors ?

John Watson ajwatson at romeo.caltech.edu
Wed Aug 3 13:11:21 EST 1994

In article <CtCtBL.H6D at ucdavis.edu>, dobates at ucdavis.edu (Dave Bates)

> The pBK CMV and pBK RSV phagemids from Stratagene have kanamycin
> resistance, which is very useful since it enables selection of
> transfected mammalian cells using Geneticin. Mind you the Kanamycin
> resistance isn't nearly as nice as Ampicillin resistance (l get less
> efficiency of transformation with Kanamycin than with Ampicillin - I
> have no idea why, suggestions welcome).

One nice feature of vectors with kan selection is that it lets you shuttle
fragments from amp-resistant vectors into new constructs (kan-R) directly
without having to remove the original amp-R vector sequences or live
through the background of amp-R transformants.

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