RNA gels: Autoclaving MOPS buffer?

David Glover D.J.Glover at bham.ac.uk
Wed Aug 3 17:58:28 EST 1994

In article <1994Aug3.102005.43908 at yogi> herzer at urz.unibas.ch writes:
>From: herzer at urz.unibas.ch
>Subject: RNA gels: Autoclaving MOPS buffer?
>Date: 3 Aug 94 10:20:04 MET

>I have read a few protocols on RNA formaldehyde agarose gels.  Maniatis
>says to sterile-filter the MOPS buffer, another protocol does not say at
>all (just gives the concentration), and one I got out of FOCUS says to
>autoclave the 10x MOPS buffer (which turns a nice dark yellow).  Does
>someone out there have any experience with autoclaving MOPS buffer? 
>The protocol I'm following looks good, but the yellow MOPS is a bit strange
>since some others say that the MOPS buffer is bad when it turns yellow.
>                Pete
>P.S. the paper I'm refering to is called "Northern Blotting: Efficient RNA
>Staining and Transfer" by Fourney, Miyakoshi, Day, and Paterson ( FOCUS 10:1)
>I don't have the date here.

         Don't worry about the yellow colour of your MOPS. I always autoclave 
(121 C , 15 min.) my 10x MOPS buffer and have never had any problems. The 
dogma states that straw coloured MOPS is O.K. but dark yellow is not. The 
buffer also yellows with age or upon exposure to light.  My MOPS is a definite 
yellow and it works fine.

David Glover.

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