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> Does anyone have the email address for genbank submissions??
> Thanks
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This is what I received from Genbank following a recent submission:

Date: Tue, 05 Jul 1994 13:27:25 -0600 (MDT)
From: gb-sub at t10.Lanl.GOV (GSDB submissions)
Subject: new address

From: gb-sub 
Subject: new address

Dear Colleague:

You have submitted data to the email address GB-SUB at T10.LANL.GOV
for processing into the sequence data bases.  This address is being
phased out and will soon be discontinued.

In the past, the GB-SUB at T10.LANL.GOV address was used to receive
submissions to be processed by staff at Los Alamos National
Laboratory (LANL) for inclusion in GenBank.  Now, the National
Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) is offering its own
submission-processing services for GenBank and LANL is operating a
new Genome Sequence DataBase (GSDB).

Your email/submission has been forwarded to DATASUBS at T10.LANL.GOV
for processing by the Genome Sequence DataBase (GSDB) at LANL. 
Through reciprocal data exchange, all data in GSDB will also appear
in the DNA Databank of Japan, the EMBL Data Library, and GenBank.

You should receive confirmation of receipt of your submission
within a few hours.  Accession numbers are normally issued within
24 hours of receipt of a submission.  Submission processing is
normally complete within an additional 24 hours (for a total of two
working days). At that time you will receive a copy of the
resulting entries for review.  As well, non-confidential entries
will be promptly forwarded on to the other DNA sequence databases
for inclusion in their data collections.

Alternatively, if you would prefer that your submission be
forwarded to another site for initial processing, please send email
to that effect to datasubs at immediately.

For future reference, the correct email addresses for the Genome
Sequence DataBase are:

     datasubs at    for data submissions

     update at      for updates/corrections to existing

     offsite at     for information on our offsite user

Thank you for your submission.  Please let us know if we can do
anything to improve our service.

    The Genome Sequence DataBase Staff
    Group T-10
    Los Alamos National Laboratory
    Los Alamos, NM 87545  USA
    (505) 665-2177


NOTE: Sequence data may also be sent to:

     DDBJ    DNA Data Bank of Japan
     EMBL    European Molecular Biology Laboratory
     NCBI    National Center for Biotechnology Information

These three sites share data with each other and with LANL so that
all data appear in all databases, regardless of the site to which
the data are submitted.  Thus, data sent to any of the sites will
be entered into the DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ), the EMBL Data
Library (EMBL), the Genome Sequence DataBase (LANL), and GenBank

New data submissions may be sent to these three sites at the
following addresses:

     DDBJ    ddbjsub at
     EMBL    datasubs at
     NCBI    gb-sub at

Corrections/additions to existing entries may be sent to any of:

     DDBJ    ddbjupdt at
     EMBL    update at
     NCBI    update at

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