RNA gels: Autoclaving MOPS buffer?

Too Heng-Phon bchtoohp at nusunix2.nus.sg
Thu Aug 4 05:46:15 EST 1994

herzer at urz.unibas.ch wrote:
: I have read a few protocols on RNA formaldehyde agarose gels.  Maniatis
: says to sterile-filter the MOPS buffer, another protocol does not say at
: all (just gives the concentration), and one I got out of FOCUS says to
: autoclave the 10x MOPS buffer (which turns a nice dark yellow).  Does
: someone out there have any experience with autoclaving MOPS buffer? 
: The protocol I'm following looks good, but the yellow MOPS is a bit strange
: since some others say that the MOPS buffer is bad when it turns yellow.
: Aughhhhhh!!!!!!
: 		Pete
: P.S. the paper I'm refering to is called "Northern Blotting: Efficient RNA
: Staining and Transfer" by Fourney, Miyakoshi, Day, and Paterson ( FOCUS 10:1)
: I don't have the date here.

   I don't filter or autoclave my MOPS. I still managed to northern blot; 
I don't think autoclaving/filtering matters.Good luck. KW

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