RNA gels: Autoclaving MOPS buffer?

Tom Thatcher ttha at troi.cc.rochester.edu
Thu Aug 4 08:15:54 EST 1994

In <Aug4.024856.42670 at acs.ucalgary.ca> ktetro at acs.ucalgary.ca (Kelly Tetro) writes:

[Should MOPS be autoclaved or filter sterilized?]

>Pete, I don't sterilize my MOPS buffer (the one from Maniatis)
>and have gotten success (knock on wood and pray not to offend the
>gods of science). I do make up the buffer in a sterile bottle and
>use sterile reagents as much as possible. Any suggestions on why
>it would need to be sterile? Won't RNAases pass through a filter
>and I thought RNAases weren't inactivated by heat?

Since MOPS contains carbon and nitrogen, it (and all the Good buffers)
are potentially tasty snacks for bacteria or fungi...

Tom Thatcher
University of Rochester

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