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>Subject: RNA gels
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>..I'm about do do my first RNA gel/Northern blot and I'm confused.
>..Why does everybody use formamide gels instead of glyoxal/DMSO
>..(which according to Maniatis give sharper bands)?
>..I would prefer not to use formamide as we don't have a fume
>..hood in the lab.
>..Any suggestions?
>..Any other ideas always welcome!
>..LEE SMITH, Institute for Animal Health,Compton

What I do when I run RNA gels:
In order to reduce toxic formaldehyde, I only use a sample buffer 
containing this substance. I do not include formaldehyde in the gel. I tried 
it several times and compared it with standard formaldehyde containing gels. 
The result was that the resolution as well as the sharpness of the RNA bands 
are comparable to the standard formaldehyde containing gels. The handling of 
high percentage (>3%) agarose gels without formaldehyde is much better and 
also there is no background from formaldehyde when visualizing the RNA with 
Ethidiumbromide / UV irradiation. 

You can find the details of the method (buffers, running conditions etc.) in
Mol Microbiol (1993) 9: 717-727. Originally the method was published in 
Promega Notes, number 28, 1990

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