Ultralow recommendations needed

Lisa J Brunet brunet at uclink2.berkeley.edu
Fri Aug 5 12:40:19 EST 1994

Shiao Y. Wang (sywang at whale.st.usm.edu) wrote:

: I know this isn't exactly the right group but I need recommendations for a
: ultralow (-80 C) freezer. I'm planning to go with a chest type around 20
: cubic ft. My last one (an upright) was a So-Low that needed a new compressor
: after about 6 years of service.

: Any suggestions as to which brand and why would be greatly appreciated.

: Shiao Wang
: University of Southern Mississippi
My husband bough a Forma upright about 1.5 years ago. In about 6 months 
of use, it broke down. After yelling and cussing to get a repairman (it 
took about a week), he found out that they (Forma) were knowingly 
sending units out that had bad compressors knowing that they would have 
to repair them later. Not exactly the way to generate customer loyalty.

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