simple method for sequencing from boiling mini-prep

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In an earlier sm010b at (Sean) asked for a simple
method for sequencing from mini-prep DNA.

I use the boiling lysis method of Holmes and Quigley (Anal. Biochem.
114:193) to prepare the supercoiled plasmid. Using an endA strain of E.
coli --like DH5a-- eliminates the need to do any DNA clean up (no RNase,
phenol, glass milk, etc.) after pelleting out the cell debris and ppt'g.
the DNA with isopropanol.
-Resuspend the DNA pellet in 50 ul TE.

-Place 18 ul DNA (about 1-4 ug) in tube and denature for 5-10 min by adding
2 ul of a -2M NaOH, 2mM EDTA soln.

-Neutralize with 2 ul of 2M ammonium acetate pH4.6

-add 100 ul EtOH, ppt. quickly

-resuspend in a small volume according to your favorite sequencing protocol
with an -approximately equal molecular primer:template ratio. Both
Sequenase and Promega -Taq-track protocols work well at this point. I get
best results by primer extension -labeling by incorporating a hot
alpha-labeled dNTP. If you are new to sequencing, I -suggest you start with
a sequencing kit and evolve your own favorite method.  
-usually I get 200+ bases of seq. info. when using the method above.
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