Reused Electroporation Cuvettes?

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> >We have a BTX electroporator and I wondert if anyone has tried
> >re-using the cuvettes for it?
the protocol which our lab has developed for the Bio-Rad cuvettes is as

- immediately after use, wash for 5 min. with Milli-Q water.
- rinse 1X (and _very_ briefly) with 50% bleach solution.
- rinse 5-10 min. with Milli-Q water.
- UV irradiate for at least 5 min. with cuvettes placed upside down on the
light box.

i did not perform the controls for this protocol, a now gone grad student
did, but my experience has been that transformation efficiency is not
significantly different than with new cuvettes, and contamination has not
yet been a problem.  



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