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Tue Aug 9 07:07:43 EST 1994

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> I have used EndNote Plus om
> the Mac for about a year.  If the DOS version is like the Mac version, I
> would strongly vote for Reference Manager.  Our PI uses Reference manager
> regularly with windows/DOS and it seems a much more powerful and versatile
> program.

I used to have RefMan for DOS, but when I advanced to a Mac, I found
RefMan for mac to be a terrible product. After swithching to Endnote I'm
entirely happy! It is much easier to use and searches faster even when I
haven't indexed my keywords (thus saving work when importing, but maybe
loosing something as I accumulate slightly different versions of
keywords). I have about 2000 references now, and Endnote is much quicker.

The most important diffrence is that you can get an endnote plug-in for
Word, which lets you use it within Word (very different from RefMan).
Endnote gives you the citations in text as "author, year", rather than
just "database entry #" as in RefMan. Furthermore, you may format your
citations and reference list AND THEN REFORMAT THEM in your original Word
file (you may not realise that this is important)! In RefMAn (DOS) you
have to export a new file, which I always did some "small" changes to
before submission, only then finding I wanted to do more and had to go
back to the old not up-to-date file because of the one-way reference

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