non-radioactive detection?

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>>>I would like to try a non-radioactive detection system for Northerns and
>>>Southerns.  Can anyone with experience recommend a brand name.
>Previous reply somehow lost main parts;
>What about importance of type of containers used for each step in DID
>systems? Particularly types of plastic bags, Tupperware, used ... and
>effects on background signal? ... John gave me good advice in past, and as
>result I also get similarly good results using DIG system (DIG-dUTP from
>BM, rest from Sigma, etc).

I think that one of the things my old lab-mate Andre is referring to,
is the plastic used when incubating/exposing the alk. phos and
chemiluminescence reaction.  Many people I know (and me!) tried using
ziplock baggies for this step.  Unfortunately, this turns the whole
exposure to a black mess.  It is important to use (I believe) an
acetate type plastic for this step.  Seal-a-meal(TM) (heat-seal) bags
are ideal for this, as are photocopy transparencies - but they're a
tad expensive.

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