Inoue Transformation Method

Ben-Sapiens srutt at beagle.Colorado.EDU
Wed Aug 10 17:13:10 EST 1994

The Inoue transformation method is described as being comparable to
electro-transformation in transformation frequency. This is useful
where libraries of high complexity are desired. 

My problem is:  Whereas electro-transformation efficiency is 
linear in transformants/microgram of plasmid, at least up to a full
microgram of plasmid, the Inoue method is efficient up to only
10 nanograms (page 25). Has anyone experimented with either
scaling up the Inoue protocol or using more plasmid per
transformation to get more actual transformants? (As you can
probably guess, I need lots of transformants - 10^8)
Thanks for your advice,

steve srutt at

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