Best way to size select cDNA ?

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Wed Aug 10 13:47:56 EST 1994

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>Dave Smith <DSMITH at UTU.FI> wrote:
>>I'm in the process of making a couple of cDNA libraries. Does anybody have
>>a good method for size selecting  cDNA ? I've so far been using a
>>Stratagene Unidirectional cDNA synthesis kit (works well) and then using a
>>Pharmacia S-400 spun column to isolate fragments greater than ~400 bp. I
>>would prefer to isolate cDNA larger than 1.5 kb. I've tried cutting out
>>fragments from an agarose gel and extracting with Quiaex but had a poor
>>recovery of cDNA. Any ideas? what method do you use ?
>>Dave Smith

	Try using BRL's (Gibco-BRL) cDNA Size Fractionation Columns.
	Cat.# 18092-015.

	They have worked well for us.

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	Durham, NC.

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