Altered Sites -Pros? Cons?

Simon E Plyte splyte at
Wed Aug 10 18:05:29 EST 1994

In article <1994Aug8.221919.1 at>, jcuozzo at wrote:

> I am about to start a project that will involve making numerous
> point mutations in a certain protein, and I have been leaning
> towards using Promega's revised Altered Sites protocol.  Is there
> anyone out there who has used this kit, successfully or otherwise?
> I would really appreciate your insight. Also, if anyone has any
> recommendations or warnings about using other double-stranded
> site-directed mutagenesis kits, they would also be much appreciated.
> Thanks!
> J. Cuozzo
> jcuozzo at

I have used the old and new promega mutagenesis kits numerous times with 
great success. However, I failed to get any mutants using the double stranded 
technique and would recommed sticking to the ssDNA method.

Good luck

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