Gel Purification of DNA with Qiaex beads

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Thu Aug 11 14:34:01 EST 1994

In article <Cu9tqD.6r2 at>, Anthony Tomlinson <anthony at> writes:
>>We now have gone back to trusty electroelution.
> How can you call electroelution "trusty"?!?  But seriously, a while ago
> somebody posted a protocol based on melting the gel with NaI or similar,
> then using the Wizard  kit to recover the DNA.  I would appreciate it if
> that protocol could be reposted, as I am sick of glassmilk methods too. 
> Has anyone tried sucrose gradients?

Electroelution has the advantage that you can see your bands come out of the
gel slice into the buffer inside the dialysis tubing.

We then rinse the bag out with water and concentrate the resulting 2 ml of
solution in a Centricon-30. Phenol/chloroform, and ethanol ppte.

We routinely get >50% recovery, something that can't always be said for the
binding matrices.

That's why I refer to electroelution as "trusty".

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